Exhibits Mission

To provide a venue for presenting visual and textual information and performances which expose students and staff to topics and experiences that augment the classroom curriculum.

The Library provides several spaces within the Hamersly Library for the purpose of gallery exhibits and performances, including, in the past:

  • WOU Art Faculty (current and former) shows
  • WOU Art Students Senior exhibits
  • Memorabilia from the WOU Archives
  • Traveling exhibits
  • Works from local and regional artists
  • Performances by WOU dance and music students and faculty

These exhibit spaces provide WOU faculty and students an avenue to showcase their skills and talents. They provide an extension of the classroom for WOU faculty; the library has hosted several exhibits curated by faculty and students on topics/issues that they have been studying. Finally, the exhibits program provides a way for the library to “extend” its resources – to find cultural and artistic information from other individuals or areas outside the university and to bring it to the campus.

Beginning in October, 2018 Hamersly Library Exhibits now coordinates all scheduling with the Cannon Gallery of Art. For information regarding future schedules and open dates, please email the Cannon Gallery Director, Paula Booth, via email or at 503-838-8607

For general inquires regarding exhibit space in the Hamersly Library, please contact the scheduling building manager, Chris Mansayon, via email or at 503-838-8441.


Fall 2021 Exhibits

2nd Floor Gallery

WOU Art & Design Biennial

by WOU Art & Design Faculty

Every two years, the Cannon Gallery of Art showcases the work of WOU’s own art and design faculty. This year, the exhibit is in two locations: Campbell Hall’s Cannon Galery of Art and the second floor gallery of Hamersly Library! The exhibit includes paintings, prints, drawings, sculpture, installation, photography and mixed-media work. 

Featuring our WOU Art & Design Faculty:

Jen Bracy, Paula Portinga Booth, Jodie Garrison, Mary Harden, Rebecca McCannell, Peter Hoffecker Mejia, Sung Eun Park, Gregory Poulin, Daniel Tankersley, Diane Tarter, and Jen Vaughn.


3rd Floor Gallery

Coming Soon:

Art Quilts by Marilyn Bergsma

Previous Exhibits:


On Bended Knee We Honor Thee: Portraits of Civil Rights Leaders
October – November, 2021

This vibrant exhibit consists of sixty larger-than-life oil portraits painted by local artist, Diane Elizabeth Wilson. Each portrait features a civil rights leader or activist who has changed the world for the better.

Of the exhibit, Wilson says, “I chose this title for the show of portraits because the iconic pose of a bended knee is a symbol of non-violent activism. This gesture of kneeling on one knee, head bowed, fist raised is the embodiment of respect, sacrifice and humility. These same qualities are reflected in the lives of the subjects in the collection. These Civil Rights Activists, whose social conscience and activism to the cause of Civil Rights, have inspired me in their acts of kindness and respect for all people.”


SERPENTalk: A Networked Exhibition
Summer 2021

SERPENTalk is a networked exhibition anchored physically in the Hamersly Library on WOU’s campus and extending out through the Cannon Gallery’s virtual platform as well as through the project’s own virtual web presence. Through the collaborative efforts of Art and Design faculty member Clay Dunklin, SERPENTalk creates a network of artists and repurposes spaces, both virtual and physical, as sites of thinking that will confuse and unravel the binary assumptions that separate us from others and cause deep social divides. The language of binaries is inherently dualistic and the snake becomes an important metaphor here as they have long served to represent the dual aspects of nature in magic, mythology, and indigenous knowledge. When applied to contemporary culture, the snake metaphor illuminates our differences as a common theme amongst peoples and ignites a sense of compassion and care. SERPENTalk is built on the values of communication, education, and collaboration that we believe can lead to a reconfiguration of practices and projects to act as systems of generosity and empowerment. The project website can be accessed on your personal device at serpentalk.com.

Hamersly Library: 20th Anniversary Celebration
September, 2020

On September 20th, join us for a free virtual event featuring past and present Deans of the library, and the Hamersly family. Plan to spend an hour with us on Sunday, Sept. 20th at 3pm PT marking this milestone.

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Alfred Maurice: Prints from 1950 – 2000
August – November, 2019
This exhibit features a selection of prints created over five decades by Alfred Maurice. Donated to the WOU Foundation, sale of the prints benefit the Maurice Prize at WOU.

Bonnie Hull and Elizabeth Bauman: Pink Gesso/Black Gesso
November 13, 2020 – February 14, 2020
This body of abstract paintings on paper is the result of two collaborations. In each series, the artists agreed to use the same paper size and the same color ground (the gesso surface on which the painting is made). The result is a colorful and vibrant series, sure to bring joy to the dark days of November!

Cai Dongna: [she] A Story in Photographs of Five Visiting Scholars
November 20, 2019 – January 22, 2020
This exhibit portrays the lives of five female visiting scholars from China over the course of one year. The narrative is divided into five representative stages — arriving registering, studying, enjoying, and leaving. The subtle, sincere images of she open a direct window into the lived experiences of individual women whose time at WOU is characterized by a duality of the remarkable and the mundane

Su Fei: Little Girl’s Diary
January 22, 2020 – February 21
Su Fei is a visiting scholar from China. She teaches animation at Guangxi Arts Institute. Her digitally-illustratedLittle Girl’s Diary weaves the story of a multi-generational family navigating life together.

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