Fall term exhibits @ the library

Fall 2021 exhibitThere are is a new exhibit for you to enjoy in Hamersly this term: 

–>On Bended Knee, We Honor Thee: Portraits of Civil Rights Leaders by Diane Elizabeth Wilson, 2nd floor gallery
This vibrant exhibit consists of sixty larger-than-life oil portraits painted by local artist, Diane Elizabeth Wilson. Each portrait features a civil rights leader or activist who has changed the world for the better.

Of the exhibit, Wilson says, “I chose this title for the show of portraits because the iconic pose of a bended knee is a symbol of non-violent activism. This gesture of kneeling on one knee, head bowed, fist raised is the embodiment of respect, sacrifice and humility. These same qualities are reflected in the lives of the subjects in the collection. These Civil Rights Activists, whose social conscience and activism to the cause of Civil Rights, have inspired me in their acts of kindness and respect for all people.”

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