Hotspot Checkout

WOU’s Library & Academic Innovation has hotspots with unlimited data to facilitate the teaching and learning of Spring Term coursework. As with all other materials available from the library, WOU is covering the cost of these hotspots, with no expense passed on to the borrower. The loan will be for the duration of Spring term. 

We have, ready for checkout, hotspots that access the Sprint network. Please find your location on the Nationwide Coverage to determine if you can access data.

A very limited number of Verizon-network hotspots are on backorder, due to arrive to us 4/24. You should only request the Verizon hotspot if you are certain the Sprint network is not accessible at your locationFind your location on Verizon’s interactive map (scroll down on the resulting page.)

These two networks are the only ones we can gain hotspots for at this time. See more Hotspots FAQ.

Request a hotspot with the form, below. To view the form in a new window, use this link instead.


Please pursue installed broadband. Broadband companies are responding to the crisis in various ways that can be beneficial to students, including low-cost or free service to students and elimination of data caps. 

  • Charter’s Spectrum and Comcast’s Internet Essentials are two such programs. 
  • Broadband providers pledging to Keep Americans Connected commit to waiving late fees incurred because of coronavirus-related economic circumstances and to not terminate service due to the inability to pay bills. 
  • Find Internet providers available for your location at
  • Contact the available providers and indicate your status as a student. 

If you don’t see the Hotspot Checkout & Mail request form, click on the title or on the down arrow on the right side .

Hotspot Checkout & Mail request form

We will checkout a Sprint hotspot out to you and mail it to your current residence. You’ll receive an automated email when we check it out to your account, and we will also email you with shipping information. Our shipping method will require a signature upon your receiving it. 

If you indicate you can only use a Verizon hotspot, this form serves as a waitlist. Once we receive those hotspots, we will follow the same process as above.