Service Hours & Contacts

September Intersession building hours are:

  • Mondays – Fridays: 8am to 5pm
    Saturdays – Sundays: closed

Fall term hours may be found here:

The 24-Hour computer lab and expansion into HL 107 is open. 

Service contacts:
WOU library staff are online and available to answer questions via
online chat or Zoom (no account needed)
phone 503-838-8418
text message 503-383-WOU1 (9681)

Accessing the Building

Hamersly Library is again open to all. A WOU ID card is no longer required for entry and exit. 
Both entrances are again open. 

Masks & Vaccination Status

Campus policy requires everyone to wear a mask while indoors, regardless of vaccination status. 

Spaces (what's open)

Study rooms and most conference rooms are being prepared and will open again for Fall term. Room 205 is open for walk-in use, and 205 and 107 can be reserved by contacting Christopher Mansayon.

The Audio/Video Production Studio are available by reservation only and limited to one user per day.

The Press is currently closed. 

Collections Access & Borrowing

Request materials through Primo: Staff will pull materials and either mail them or hold them for pickup at Hamersly, according to your request. Curbside pickup is available, or you can come to the Checkout Desk.  

Self-retrieval of materials: All collections are open to patrons for browsing and self-retrieval if desired.

Equipment Computing equipment and accessories to support remote learning are available, as is general equipment such as cameras. Ask at the Checkout Desk, or over phone, chat, or email.

General Services & Current Status

Computing checkout

We loan computing equipment needed to conduct coursework online. As with all other materials available from the library, there is no expense to borrow any of this equipment. The loan is for the full term.

Wi-Fi Hotspots: For Summer 2021, there is no financial need qualification as there was during Fall/Winter/Spring terms. Borrowing students do need to be enrolled in Summer term classes. 

Computing Equipment Request form

Can’t access the form? You must be logged into your WOU email to fill it out. If it still doesn’t work, use this link.

Available Equipment


Please note that Chromebooks require nearly constant internet access.

Dell desktop PCs

In addition to the PC, a monitor, keyboard, mouse and cables are included. No wireless cards installed. These must be connected with ethernet cable (included). If you have a WiFi router at home, you can plug the ethernet cable into it. 


Each includes keyboard, mouse, and cables. Wireless card installed. *iMacs cannot be mailed and must be borrowed and returned in person.

iPads and iPad Minis

While iPads are optimized in a wireless network, many apps work very well while not connected.

  1. Recent iPad Minis
    iPads only; no peripherals. 
  2. Older standard iPad models
    These come with a keyboard. The iOS can no longer be updated on these and so some apps currently in the App Store are not compatible; however, testing typical Moodle content (on both the Moodle App and through the browser) showed no problems.  


Headsets with microphone


Faculty Support

WOU Campus Updates and Resources

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