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Campus Printing 101

Students have 225 pre-paid print credits attached to their network accounts each term that they are enrolled at WOU. A single page (one side) of a black & white printout costs 1 credit.  A single color printout costs 5 credits. You can check your print credit balance.  If you need to purchase additional credits, do [more…]

Print multiple PowerPoint slides to a single page

Printing professors’ slides for study purposes can quickly diminish print credit balance, make binders unwieldy and backpacks heavy, and waste the gifts from our arboreal friends. But if you are not ready to study from the slides in their digital form, you can print several on a single page and reduce your paper consumption considerably. [more…]

Save paper by printing double-sided

To do this on most campus printers: 1. Select File –> Print from your document 2. Choose the printer (e.g., \krustyLab-HLRef) 3. Click the Properties button. 4. On the Paper/Output tab, find in the 2-Sided Printing dropdown menu and select “2-sided print.” 5. Click the OK buttons for the two windows. Want to be even [more…]

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