Welcome to Primo

What is Primo? Primo is the new library search tool used to find items in Hamersly Library and our partner Summit libraries, as well as some articles and other electronic resources. Primo scopes allow you to define where your search is performed. You can select a scope in the drop-down menu right of the search box, or by [more…]

How to order a print book when Hamersly has the ebook

You may have noticed a lot of ebooks popping up in the library’s catalog–we have over 80,000 now! While they are often convenient and just what you need, other times you really want the printed material. Search for the book in the Summit catalog. Once you’ve verified the title and author, check the Edition/Format field.  [more…]

Renew items, save a search, and more with My Library

Here’s what you can do with the My Library account through the library catalog: Review what you have currently checked out, including due dates.  This includes Summit and Interlibrary Loan items in your possession as well as Hamersly-owned items. Renew items of Hamersly-owned items (when renewal is allowable) and see the new due dates. Place [more…]

Campus Printing 101

Students have 225 pre-paid print credits attached to their network accounts each term that they are enrolled at WOU. A single page (one side) of a black & white printout costs 1 credit.  A single color printout costs 5 credits. You can check your print credit balance.  If you need to purchase additional credits, do [more…]

Print multiple PowerPoint slides to a single page

Printing professors’ slides for study purposes can quickly diminish print credit balance, make binders unwieldy and backpacks heavy, and waste the gifts from our arboreal friends. But if you are not ready to study from the slides in their digital form, you can print several on a single page and reduce your paper consumption considerably. [more…]

Ask for a librarian when you need research help

The library faculty are here to help you learn and discover effective ways to identify, access, and use information.  Examples of common questions: finding a couple articles that are “peer-reviewed” (and understanding what that means) completing a citation for an article when you only have a title finding images of landscapes by Chinese painters citing [more…]