Welcome to Primo

What is Primo? Primo is the new library search tool used to find items in Hamersly Library and our partner Summit libraries, as well as some articles and other electronic resources. Primo scopes allow you to define where your search is performed. You can select a scope in the drop-down menu right of the search box, or by [more…]

Need statistics to support your thesis?

ProQuest Statistical Insight provides data from agencies of the federal government, major international intergovernmental organizations, professional and trade organizations, commercial publishers, independent research organizations, state government agencies, and universities. It’s a single search across many authoritative sources.

Renew items, save a search, and more with My Library

Here’s what you can do with the My Library account through the library catalog: Review what you have currently checked out, including due dates.  This includes Summit and Interlibrary Loan items in your possession as well as Hamersly-owned items. Renew items of Hamersly-owned items (when renewal is allowable) and see the new due dates. Place [more…]

Learn to Document and Use Sources in your Writing

Our Citation Guide helps you with APA style MLA style Chicago/Turabian style & links to the American Anthropological Association style guide Tutorials Incorporating Sources into Your Research Paper: Learn to structure, analyze and use sources to support an argument in your research paper in this tutorial. 6 minutes. Why You Need to Cite Sources: Learn [more…]

Get those bibliographies in order!

NoodleBib is an online tool that helps you collect citation information, keep track of your sources, take online note attached to appropriate sources, and, when you are ready, generate a polished references list or bibliography in APA, MLA, or Chicago/Turabian styles. Keep a separate folder for each project. You must create an individual account (free) [more…]