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About LP&P

Library Publishing and Preservation Services at Hamersly Library (LP&P) ensures that the scholarship, research, historical records, and creative activities by, about, or in some way related to Western Oregon University is accessible to current and future audiences.

LP&P includes staff responsible for the Digital Media Center, Digital Commons@WOU, Omeka@WOU, Technical Services, University Archives, and Library Exhibits. Depending on the project, assistance can vary, from solely providing consultation and advice to hands-on collaboration on a project from conception to completion, including doing all the necessary tasks to ensure a project’s success.

Whether you are seeking assistance in creating and distributing new, original work, or in helping previously published material find a new audience, LP&P has a skilled team ready to lend a hand. Benefits include maintaining full control over your copyright, a close working relationship with our staff where you are a full partner in the process, and an organizational impetus driven by the desire to see a quality product reach its best possible audience and not by the need to turn a profit.

Priority is given to projects where the content creators agree to house their material for free on Digital Commons@WOU or other university-supported websites. Such agreement preserves options for faculty to publish and distribute work either through traditional retail channels or through their own means. While we can’t currently publish work on retail channels ourselves, we can provide you with the tools (the publishing products) and the services (the software and staff expertise to do the work) that will allow you to act as your own publisher, if that is deemed appropriate.

Examples of services and projects we may be able to assist with are listed below. However, if you have a project that you think is a good fit for LP&P, your best best is to contact us at, or by reaching out to any of the staff members in the associated units.

Typical Services or Projects

  • Brainstorming on scholarly publishing projects and on navigating the changing world of academic publishing
  • Preserving previously published or unpublished scholarly or creative material in Digital Commons@WOU, Omeka@WOU, the University Archives, or wherever else may be appropriate
  • Preserving physical material in University Archives
  • Copyright consultation and guidance
  • Creating and distributing Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Print-on-demand (paperback or hardback) creation and publishing
  • Ebook creation creation and publishing
  • Websites for faculty, staff, and individual projects
  • Assisting in the creation of digital products (screen capture lectures, PDFs, video tutorials) for teaching
  • Displaying an exhibit


Who do I contact?

You can email us at, which will be forwarded to a number of people within the group, or reach out to any of the individual staff in the associated units.

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