Buying our used books

Many people ask us if we ever have a book sale. We did not for many years because of the labor and storage issues, but we now have an ongoing book sidewalk sale through Read more…

We receive a portion of the proceeds back, and Better World Books gets to do all the work. Shipping is free for customers in the US. A for-profit social venture, Better World Books funds literacy projects in the United States and worldwide.
Our “sidewalk sale” includes our withdrawn books and those gift books that we chose not to add to the collection. BetterWorld’s categories can occasionally be a little wonky, but see if there’s anything you like.

One comment on “Buying our used books”

  1. What a shame you are using Better World Books to sell your used books. They are the bane of ethical used booksellers, preying on libraries, universities and book stores to get free inventory. They are a FOR-PROFIT company that indeed does contribute to charities — but it’s a teensy portion of their profits — actually what’s left over after the bulk of their income goes into the owners’ pockets. It’s a slick way of paying no taxes. Some large media company should do an expose on this clever, greedy company. An ethical used book dealer would give you at least 50% of the proceeds of sales — betcha you don’t get that much.

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