Library and Academic Innovation Shared Mission

We support WOU learners in their efforts to gain, share, and produce knowledge, and to explore their creativity. LAI provides resources, environments and expertise to stimulate learning, increase access, and enhance student success. 

Library Mission

The Hamersly Library provides onsite, virtual and remote services and resources to support information seeking and knowledge production within the WOU community.  We promote 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, media literacy, collaboration, and information literacy, through our programs and personalized support. Library collections are curriculum-driven, our archives document WOU’s history, and our physical and virtual spaces create an environment for learning and exploration to continue outside the classroom.


Center for Teaching and Learning Mission

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is part of WOU’s commitment to create transformational learning experiences. CTL provides opportunities and resources for WOU’s community to identify and explore practices that optimize teaching and learning, both online and on-campus. CTL provides faculty development programming, instructional design consultations, and support for teaching with technology.

Improving Access

LAI’s commitment to expanding access to information and education is reflected in all of our spaces (physical and virtual), programs, and strategies. 


Creating Welcoming Learning Environments 

LAI envisions our physical and virtual spaces as places where all WOU learners, especially those from historically minortized or underrepresented communities, feel a sense of safety and belonging.


Working Towards Inclusion

LAI staff will work towards better understanding of our own identities and how those identities intersect with and impact each other and the WOU community. This work will enable us to strengthen feelings of belonging between ourselves and with the people we support.


Adapting and Innovating

LAI will continue to adapt and innovate. We do this by asking questions, trying new things, evaluating the result, adjusting as needed, and then repeating the cycle. As WOU changes and our resources change, LAI will strive to offer sustainable services aligned with WOU’s goals.


Stimulating Learning and Creativity

LAI is a vital component of WOU’s teaching and learning infrastructure, providing services and spaces where learning and creativity continues outside of the classroom.


LAI listens to students and is open to change based on their feedback. We’re willing to try new things and be a constant work-in-progress in order to meet our students’ evolving needs, especially during difficult times. We want to meet our students where they are, accept how they do things, and share our own knowledge with them along the way.



LAI values access, equity and belonging. We strive to ensure all learners have equitable opportunities at WOU. We want everyone to feel safe in their relationships with us, in our relationships with each other, and in our physical space. Being welcoming and creating a sense of belonging is important to us. Inclusion also encompasses accessibility of information and universal design in our physical and virtual spaces. 



We value adaptability, flexibility, thinking outside the box, being open to better ways of solving problems and doing things, learning and applying learning, using our resources creatively, and always looking for new ways to serve the WOU community.



LAI takes a collaborative approach to partnership, teamwork, decision-making, teaching and learning. Services we provide the WOU community are built on the concept of collaborative, shared learning experiences. We value building relationships based on trust, respect, inclusion, kindness, compromise, clear boundaries and transparency to work together with positive intentions and open minds. 



Clear and frequent communication is important to us, especially when changes are being considered or implemented. Effective decision-making processes include sharing information and gathering stakeholder input as early as feasible. External communication is also important to ensure the WOU community has the information they need to best utilize LAI’s resources and services. We strive to relay information reliably and consistently, particularly in regards to LAI’s policies and procedures.

Chelle Batchelor, Dean of Library and Academic Innovation

Chelle Batchelor, Dean of Library and Academic Innovation

Contact Info:

Hamersly Library 206C
345 Monmouth Ave. N.
Monmouth, OR 97361

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