Campus Printing FAQ

library printers

How much does printing cost? A single black and white page (one side) printout costs 1 print credit. A single color page (one side) printout costs 5 print credits. Students receive 225 print credits per term.

How do I know how many print credits I have? Log in to the WOU Portal and your balance will be displayed on your homepage.

How do I buy more print credits? Purchase additional credits through WolfWeb under the Student Menu. They start at 50 credits for $2.50 and go up from there. When you buy additional credits they are immediately available for use.

What if I don’t use all of my print credits? Whatever credits you don’t use roll over to the next term. However, accounts are zeroed out before each Fall term begins.

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  1. Do graduate students receive print credits? I need to print something on campus and I don’t see a total on my student portal.
    Thank you for your help.
    Be well

  2. Near the music department, in the Midi Lab below, the printer does not connect to all computers and doesn’t let us print

  3. Hello!
    Yes, grad students do get print credits. If none are showing, the best thing to do is contact the UCS Helpdesk ( and they can get them added for you.

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