Trendy iPod Uses

The Online Education Database posted 100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better. This list is broken up into study guides, podcasts and more, tutorials, applications, more downloads, classroom help, iPod learning support, tools and sites, iTunesU, and miscellaneous. Many of the websites they recommend sell the products, but some do have free sections. Here are my top 15.

Here are 15 that I thought were the most useful and interesting. Let us know which ones you thought were helpful.
#15 Pod CityGuides:
#22 The Education Podcast Network:
#23 NPR Science Friday
#24 The Philosophy Talk
#33 Librivox
#36 MP3 to iPod Converter
#40 CopyTrans
#43 iWriter
#44 YouTube to iPod Converter 2.6
#47 Free Classic AudioBooks
#49 Sound Book Emporium
#51 Project Gutenberg
#82-94 iTunes U “These top schools offer classes on iTunes U. Start downloading now to listen to Ivy League professors lecture, brush up on your foreign language skills or just broaden your horizons.”

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